About The Wondergraduate

Hi! I’m Megan. I’m an activist, a big goofball, an opera singer, and now a blogger!
I like to talk and I think a lot. I love communication theory and studying media and French Bulldogs and dogs in general and browsing Pinterest and pinning quotes that make me feel warm and fuzzy and LeaderShape and my people and Denison and cursing and messing up and learning from it. I’m an extrovert. I’m quirky. I’m optimistic. I like adventure and fun. Some of my core values are integrity, honesty, empathy, resilience, spirituality, and independence. I have opinions and I love sharing them, but I try not to be static. My opinions are constantly in flux because I am constantly evolving and growing and changing. I think writing is a cool way to track that change, so that’s kinda what this blog is. BUT, it’s mostly just one big love letter to my passions and the things that I care about and my liberal arts education that taught me to be a lifelong learner.
So I hope it means something to you.
Happy reading, friend!

oh…and e-mail me at thewondergraduate@gmail.com if you’d like to say hi. elle oh elle.

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