most days

Most days I am so so grateful to live in a place where our painful challenges and immense inequities and brokenness are often met with the fierce spirits of people who want a change. Tonight, I just feel heavy. Tonight, my heart is breaking for our city.
Violence is perpetrated against our communities every day. Violence by systems, by the state, at the hands of broken souls. Families lose their children, lives are cut short, humanity is silenced. My heart hurts.
So to anyone who is living in resistance (in its many forms), thank you. When the law breeds injustice, resistance becomes a duty.
My hope is that with action, a change will soon come.

Tonight, I am thinking of my boys and my Cheetah Girls at school and Laquan McDonald and all of the people whose hearts ache because of senseless violence. I am with you.

Black Lives Matter. No Justice, No Peace.

There is so much more to say…I just don’t have the words to say it yet.

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