feelings day is today

Today was a day for feels, to be sure. This special (but rather short) thank you blog post goes out to the Denison Communication Department, a reflection on leadership, and an e-mail about commencement…a few of the things that made me feel ALL the emotions today.

I’m very very lucky and if I needed another reminder, today was it.

In a review of the Communication department, I got to speak to my experience in the major and why it has meant so much to me. How could I put into words that the ability to make meaning of my own experience and the experiences of others was handed to me in a holistic curriculum wrapped with a bow of empathy and mentorship? I mean, I tried, but it didn’t come out exactly like that.

I got home and sat down to write a reflection on leadership. I wrote about the ways I’ve been shaped at Denison by my mentors and peers. Here’s an excerpt:
Leadership should not demand extraversion. It should not demand a position. It should not demand a loud voice. Leadership should only demand a passionate voice. The strongest leaders come at challenges with unadulterated passion, embodying a healthy idealism and a joy with which they do all things. I believe that the practice of leadership, at its core, is creating the space for others to realize their full potential. It is supporting fellow humans in their own journey with a lightheartedness. Above all things, I have tried to face life at Denison head-on with immense joy. I will admit, it’s been rather easy because of the gift of optimism I’ve been given in my time here.

And THEN I read an e-mail from Denison that I got earlier about commencement asking me if I was going to be at graduation and I was like YES IF I CAN HANDLE ALL OF THE FEELINGS YOU MADE ME FEEL BECAUSE THIS E-MAIL JUST NOW.

Being sad and happy at the same time is one of the most beautiful human experiences. I am glad and blessed and lucky to be feeling both emotions in spades right now.

Also, I’m sending out special good vibes to the Class of 2015 tonight.

love love love

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