the spirituality in community

I am coming off of one of those birthdays for the books and guys I gotta say that 22 feels really really good.

I consider myself spiritual because the spirit and the soul and what is “good” consume my thoughts and inform the way I live every single day. However, my ideas of a god or gods and my perceptions of what is holy and what is grace so often shift. My experience is so deeply rooted in my values…everything else is up for debate. What maintains my positivity and an openness in the world is the people I am surrounded by. Spending time in a community is my spirituality. It is my weekly service. It is my experience of humanity. And it keeps my soul afloat. Even when I encounter a disagreement, it is the possibility of engaging thoughtfully with another person that makes it all wonderful.

I don’t exactly know what happens when our time on Earth is done. I just know that there is beauty in living. For me, that is enough to move forward every day celebrating life and trying to be good. But what helps, for me, is being among the good people. I hope you’ve found those good people too…the ones that feed your soul and make you laugh and make you feel whole.

Today, I was reminded how incredibly lucky I am to have the good people in my corner. I am truly blessed. My best friends from home, my fellow Denison students, those who have graduated, my sister/best friend. They’re all my community. They also all make me feel so unbelievably whole. I am thankful today and every day.

This post is just the tiniest thank you.

The Wondergraduate

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