on happy hour and art

I am simply the luckiest gal on the planet. I’ll say it again and again because it’s just the most true.

Yesterday, I got to spend time with one of the all-time human greats – officialblogshout-out to Nikki – in the blistering Chicago cold. We got coffee with Taylor (another great) at Dollop and then met up at the Slurping Turtle with more friends for some scrumptious food and then walked to Portillo’s for cake because these are my kinda people and we collectively decided we needed cake. Then we went to get delicious tropical beverages at a tiki bar. Today, I went to a happy hour with some old friends and new friends and drank some mojitos and relaxed. It’s been a glorious 48 hours.

On Happy Hour: Happy hours are my most vice-oriented self-care practice, but I think they are important nonetheless. We don’t give a chat around drinks enough cred in the world of self-care, but for me it’s a great way to relax and blow off steam and sit around a table and hear about your friends and not talk about work! Also, fancy and delicious drinks are a fun thing. And fish tacos, which are amazing. I recommend.

On Art: You don’t have to know anything about art to know that it can make you feel something. I walked through the Impressionist wing and the Modern Wing in the Art Institute yesterday and my heart was all warm and soaring and fulfilled by the end of the visit. There was just some seriously brilliant, moving artwork and I got to walk through one of the most beautiful buildings in the city looking at it. Nikki caught me all starry-eyed and giggly a couple times just out of sheer wonder.

On New Beginnings: Moving to a new home in a new city is really scary. I know Chicago pretty well and moving back here in June will still be really scary. I mean, it’s a new life! Every time I get to hang out with new people and laugh and bond and develop friend crushes quickly and swiftly, it is intensely comforting. The new beginning here won’t be as shocking since I feel like I’ll have some people to trust.

On Unplugging: In the late afternoon yesterday, I pulled out my phone and it was at 73 percent. This was BIG. There is very little more satisfying to me than looking at my phone and seeing that it’s near full charge after a day out. It means I didn’t stare at my screen and get all captivated and sucked in and in turn, didn’t waste my whole battery. It means I was with wonderful people having a wonderful time.

Honestly, it’s really hard to step away. I have to be so so intentional to not constantly check my phone. But today, I took a break – on purpose – from my phone for an hour. It wasn’t terrible at ALL. So, I charge you, in the coming month, to go screen free. 1 hour. 2 hours. A whole day. A whole week. Whatever you can manage, do it. Start easy by taking one hour a day to deliberately avoid your phone and the computer and your television. I’ll try to unplug too…I think it’ll be beautiful for everyone involved.

It might just be better to be less transfixed by screens.

To, instead, be mesmerized by books
and trees
and people
and life.


The thing is, you need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something. – Louis C.K.

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