things i like

To break up the longer/heavier posts, I thought I’d make a list of things I like. Maybe you can get to know me better?
Or something?

So here’s the list…not an exhaustive one at all but I covered some ground.

– Chicago
Gosh it’s brutal here sometimes and we’ve got some brokenness to deal with, but I still kind of think it’s just wonderful.
– Dogs
They are cute OH they are cute. They are also really sweet and they embody complete and total unconditional love…humans don’t do that all the time but dogs do…I think that’s pretty neat.
– Being an extrovert
I see so many benefits to being a classic introvert, classic extrovert, and everything in between. (We dichotomize these a lot but I think there’s a spectrum!) I, however, gain energy when I’m around people. I’ve learned to take alone time, but being connected to others is a big big part of my life.
– [In relation to the above bullet] People.
I love people. I think we’re all interesting and weird and that’s really good. We learn so so so much from being with and around people.
– Researching
I like learning new things. I also like reframing things and writing gives you the power to rewrite parts of language in a way. Cool, huh?
– Denison University
My soon to be alma mater is everything. The PEOPLE THOUGH…they’re my home. Leaving it in May is going to be unreal.

Whether or not you like all of these things, here is a video of a chihuahua chasing bubbles all bewildered and such. I dare you not to like this lil’ guy.


Preview…next post? Storying comedy as cultural catharsis. #funstuff

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