Hi friends!

I’ve had this blog for quite some time now just as a consolidation of some of my stuff. Some of it is from my scholarly writing (for my Communication courses), some of it is little wondrances from the past few years, some more serious fare, some a bit goofier…it’s just a smorgasbord.

I used to call this blog The Undergraduate because I was an undergraduate and I had thoughts and feelings to share which made a lot of sense. But I graduated in May 2015 (eeeeeee)! I firmly believe that not being in the college environment shouldn’t stop me from sharing my thoughts and writing a lot, goshdarnit! I have officially (just now on this blog) committed myself to continuing to write about things that I care about. Wahoo! Thus, the blog continues. (Just with a new title and more frequent, “fresh” content.)
In homage to the old name but with new flare, I’m going to call this one The Wondergraduate. It’s fun wordplay that my sister came up with, but it also has roots in my way of being in the world. I am frequently surprised, often in awe, and I get joy from learning to see the world in new ways.
I really just live in a constant state of wonder.
(See what we did there? Incredible. Pun-derful.)
Even if I crossed a stage last May to signify the end of my formal education (for now), it doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop wondering, thinking, and sharing.

I originally started a blog just as a safe space for some of my writing and a place to go if I wanted to put something out into the world. Now, I want to put my thoughts out into the world to give readers a new perspective or someone to relate to or a fun place where we share and connect and learn together. The possibilities in this community are endless.

So I hope you read and I hope it strikes a cord.
Writing feels really powerful to me, but this will be more powerful if people read it and something in my words feels meaningful to them.
If you love it, spread it!
I am a processor and dialoguer by nature…I’m loud but I try not to drown voices out. So if you don’t love it, comment and e-mail and let’s chat too!

With that, I’m sending you hugs and kisses, peace and blessings.
Thanks for embarking on this journey with me.
– Megan, The Wondergraduate

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