“Is your life more than just your own?
And are there broken things you were made to fight to fix?
Broken families, broken friends… Injustice.
Will you move for things that matter?”

This is from a blog post that inspired a movement by the organization To Write Love On Her Arms. called Welcome to Midnight. Please please take a read of this blog post (here: Welcome to Midnight.) if you have a sec…it’s kinda brilliant. The above passage is incredibly pertinent as we enter 2015.

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. It’s been that way for years. I love that we’ve chosen to cherish a day just because of a new beginning (even if everyone kinda builds it up). Honestly, it’s a day just like any other day, but it hits midnight, and we are free.

I say we should use the model of New Year’s – the fireworks, the revelry, the champagne – to just celebrate every minute (and every midnight) of our lives. Use our energy and empathy to light up a room. Pop some champagne just to celebrate a day. Yell and laugh and dance just ‘cuz we feel like it. And try to treat every single midnight like we treat the night of December 31st.


Welcome to Midnight.

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