Hello yes this is me.

Here are a few little nuggets about me just to give the reader an idea of why I have a blog and also who I am as a human.

– I think a lot of different things about a lot of different things.

– I’m an activist. I’m super passionate. I’m really gregarious.

– I’m kind of an open book. I think narrative is incredibly powerful…and I hope that maybe mine will resonate with someone.

– I probably have over 100 notes on my new phone and many more on my old phone with little tidbits of thoughts or topics or quotes that stick with me. Hopefully, most of these will soon be blog posts…they need to not just sit there anymore!
For example:
One just said “Ida Lupino,” entered three times, and then said, “We’re all just god in drag.” Amazing.
Another said “Maybe I’ll name one of my dogs Kronk and one Abe Lincoln and one Boo Radley.” I stand by this…it’s a brilliant idea.
These notes are for sure super assorted but some have little glimmers of wisdom hidden in there somewhere.

– I LOVE writing. I used to abhor it when I was younger and I didn’t have a distinctive writing voice…it felt like a chore. Now, it’s a blast. And since I write the way I talk – sometimes jumbled, always fast, super colloquial, often quirky – I think it actually suits a blog format well!

Any questions? E-mail me. I even made an e-mail address: thewondergraduate@gmail.com! I have a lot of ideas…this’ll be really fun I think. I may do a podcast in the future too. And I’m going to bring back some of my old posts and retool them too. AHHH oh boy friends this could be huge oh man I’m excited.

Want to know a bit more about me? Check out the About Me page for The Wondergraduate!


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